Open Clarity


The Journey with Neeru for Entering OPEN CLARITY is usually of 7 days and it is based on:


which is the center of the cyclone.

It is a deep cleaning of all the garbage which hinders us to live this our Life in clarity.

Neeru through her continuous presence accompanies the participants in their strong cleaning process during the whole Training.
Where we move the body strongly and breath deep in our power center for removing all blocks and traumas which don´t let us live our life in its simplicity, easiness and joyfulness.


We train a free flow for finally opening the way into our potential and our divine power.
boby activityhandstand1



Other mediums for "cleaning the house" are:


- silence.

- digital detox  through removing all electronic devices during the Training.

- physical detox through our strong Body Activities twice a day and the vegetarian food.


The participants have here the opportunity to share freely without embarrassment or fear about themselves. It is a way of standing “naked” and expose totally naturally. A free flow into CLARITY.


            “Life is meditation - meditation is life”    






We recommend you to come even some days before the “Journey” to Open Meetings and Morning Activities for “tuning in” and also to stay a little longer after the “Journey”. Neeru and crew are available for sharing and support you after this adventure and even later on when you are back to your usual daily life. Stay with it, stay in contact!

It´s your journey only … and still, you are not alone with it.

It is possible.




 contact improvisation

Warning!! It can change your life!!



                   flying yes 


“If you knew

what a bomb is

behind all this ...”